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Book review - The Churches and Chapels of Malvern

A historical and architectural introduction

by John Dixon

Front cover of book, copyright John DixonFollowing the publication of 'Dissenters All', by Rod Ellis telling the story of the non-conformist churches, chapels and meeting places of the Malverns, John Dixon has published what might be called a complementary booklet describing all of Malvern's places of worship, including some no longer used.

This marvellous and much needed little book contains photographs of the buildings and summarises their history and points of architectural interest.

The book will appeal not only to those interested in local history but also church goers generally.

About the author

John Dixon is a retired History teacher and deputy head. He has lived in Malvern for 13 years and has developed an interest in Malvern's churches and chapels through his involvement with the Civic Society. 

Details and where to purchase

'The Churches and Chapels of Malvern

Copyright John Dixon

Published by Greyhound self Publishing 2012

Printed by Aspect Design, Malvern

ISBN 978-1-909219-01-04

Sizze A5, 50 pages

Available from The Lyttelton Well, Church Street, Great Malvern, The Malvern Book Co-operative, 2 St Ann's Road, and the Tourist Office at the top of Church Street

Price 6