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Landrover Show at Eastnor 2008

Series II Land Rover dressed up to entertain children

The Land Rover World show at Eastnor near Ledbury celebrated the 60th  anniversary of the production of the famous cross country vehicle. Many families camped in the Deer Park on the Eastnor Castle estate while others came for the day.

On the hillside Series I vehicles parked nose to tail to make the figures 60 stand out clearly (see photo at bottom), while enthusiasts and trade stands displayed their vehicles and wares down below.

Good parking was provided in an adjoining field.

Hot dog

The weather was warm and sunny and many people who had stripped off were sun-burnt. Fortunately there was a little cloud, so not as uncomfortably hot as some years.

Fortunately, earlier, our English Setter had been for a trim at Sambourne Kennels (home of Llinlow Setters) in Jill Lane,  near Redditch.

He died in 2012 age 14.

Land Rovers lining up to celebrate 60 years of production